Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Using Page Output Cache with Content by Query web part

1-      We have SharePoint 2010 internet facing site with page output caching enabled.

2-      We have one IMtech CQWP with 2 paging parameters.

3-      This is not working when we do caching. Once I remove caching paging works

-          /Pages/default.aspx?p=1 -> results for page one

-          /Pages/default.aspx?p=2 -> Cached result for page one

        I found Vary by Query String Parameters option. Which was a life saver, as we can’t just get rid of caching – for Performance wise


-          In the Site collection cache profiles, Edit the “Public Internet (Purely Anonymous)” cache profile.
-          Locate the “Vary by Query String Parameters” property.
-          Right down all the parameters you want separated by ‘,’ e.x. p,pNavigation,pHome

This way your cache will work as follow, all URL with any query string will be considered as separate URL and cached separately

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